Larry Greene
Larry Greene's Bio
Larry Greene is a Contemporary Singer / Songwriter who in 2006 released his Solo Debut CD "LIGHT OF THE WAY". Larry lived on the island of Maui and is a member of the Christian Rock Band "Prism Ablaze".

Larry's music is a mixture of Contemporary, Pop and Rock and the 11 song project contains All Original Compositions. Some have said his writing style is very "Beatlesque" privy to John Lennon's trademark of chord progressions in thirds, often enough to produce a modal sound featuring tonic key obscurity. Others have recognized a haunting quality about Larry's songs, characterized by captivating equal balance of major and minor chords altogether providing mystique. Also, Larry's simple love lyrics and tuneful melodies are reminiscent of Paul McCartney's early Beatle artistry, convening exquisite three-part harmony.

Professional musician and studio recording editor Bill Perry says "The more I listen to Larry's music, the more I like it. His songs really grow on you. The music is especially intimate and reflects a oneness of spirit with God. I also love the wholesome spice of playful funky percussions and piano blues licks in Greene's tunes. They give me chicken skin and make me want to dance and shout for joy".

Finally, bold thick vocals, concert grand piano and vintage pipe organ parts incur an awesome reverence for God with majestic depictions of His Holiness in Larry Greene's "LIGHT OF THE WAY".